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Entrepreneurs beware!

Waterproof general terms and conditions are indispensable for an entrepreneur.

  • How do you know if your general terms and conditions are legally valid?
  • Are you familiar with the term Battle of Forms?
  • Have your general terms and Conditions been declared applicable?
These are important questions for a (starting) entrepreneur. The Chamber of Commerce has asked our lawyer Davina to explain all of this.

Do you want customized general terms and conditions or your own lawyer to consult with? Check out our temporary deal!

No more high costs, but always legal help?

We make the complex simple

Not everyone is aware of their rights. Our Dependables make sure you are heard. Dependable mainly focuses on those who previously did not want to consult a lawyer because of high costs or perhaps the unknown. With us, nothing too small, weird or unimportant.
Have you received a letter that you do not quite understand or do not know how best to respond to it?
With our expertise and knowledge, we help you save money, reduce stress and focus on your real priorities.

What we can help you with

We have expertise in the following legal issues:
Crime and offences

Are you suspected of a crime or are you the victim of a crime? We will thoroughly investigate your case and discuss the best options with you.

Objection and appeal

Do you disagree with a fine or decision of your municipality, the CJIB, DUO, UWV etc.? We will help you file an objection and appeal.

Consumer purchase

Have you bought products that turn out to be not inadequate, and the seller does not want to meet you? We make sure you get what you are entitled to.

Civil disputes

Do you have a dispute with your neighbor or another party and you can't get out? Call one of our Dependables and we will mediate directly for you.

Labour disputes

Do you have a legal problem, dispute or conflict with your employer? Or do you think your boss is doing something that is not allowed? We provide legal advice and assistance.

Drafting contracts

We help you draw up contracts and explain existing agreements and contracts. Does the other party not comply with the agreement? Then we will demand compliance on your behalf.

Alimony and contact arrangement

Breaking up remains an annoying issue. Our Dependables will ensure that this period expires as soon as possible. Are you entitled to partner and/or child support? We make calculation for you and start directly with the request. Do you have children and would you like to establish a social arrangement? We help you with that.

Residence permit and citizenship

Do you want to apply for a residence permit for yourself, a family member or perhaps an employee? This difficult and often long procedure is made a lot easier by our Dependables. You can also contact us to apply for the Dutch nationality


Do you have personal injury or damage to your goods and do you want to hold someone else liable for it? Dependable gets to work directly for you. It may also be that you are insured against damage but your insurer does not want to compensate the damage. Do you want to contest this? Then you have come to the right place.

Rental Dispute

Do you have a tenants in your home who doesn't follow the rules? Or you rent a house yourself and the landlords wants to evict you. Perhaps there are defects in the house, but nothing is done about it despite many requests. Dependable helps with conflicts between tenant and landlord.

Why people believe in us

"For years I have tried to establish clear agreements with my ex for the sake of caring for our child. No attempt succeeded. Finally, I turned to Dependable. After a successful meditation, we have finally been able to establish a contact agreement, which my ex and I can both agree on."
John Boateng
"My student funding was unjustly stopped by DUO. Dependable helped me file an objection. Retroactively, I have received my study funding!"
Nuur üzlan
"I was cut on my sickness benefit while I was unfit for work. It was a very complicated period, but Dependable guided me step by step through this procedure."
Rebecca Troostwijk
"An out of control conflict with the landlord has been excellently mediated by Dependable. Thanks to Dependable, I can stay in my home."
Ina van Zanten

Trust is the foundation for great service

We provide legal advice and administrative assistance to individuals, small businesses and corporate clients. Our services are customized to the unique needs of each client. We understand your needs and what is important to you.
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