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Lean on us, that's our motto!

My name is Davina Sarpong. With years of professional experience and an academic background in law at Erasmus University (NL) and Int. Humanitarian Law at the University of Pretoria (ZA) I decided to found Dependable.

In my environment, I noticed that many people have legal issues that are unclear and complicated to them.

I am a passionate lawyer who goes more than 100% for a case. We strive to simplify the process so you have less stress and worry. I chose this profession to help people and to be a guide in the legal jungle.

Bij ons weet u direct waar u aan toe bent en komt u niet voor een verrassing te staan.

Completed cases

Lean on us

With us, nothing is too small, weird or unimportant. Have you received a letter that you do not quite understand or do not know how best to respond to it? Do you have a fine that you disagree with? All our services are customized to the different phases of your issue.

"Everyone should be able to achieve his or her right!"

My name is Michela Pittaluga. I have completed my bachelor's degree in law and master's degree in civil law at the University of Amsterdam. During my studies I worked at various law firms as a legal assistant and I also worked as a volunteer at the children's and young people's Law shop Amsterdam.
I think it is important that everyone in the Netherlands can get their rights and understand what they are entitled to, even if it concerns a more vulnerable group. That is also what I like so much about the vision of Dependable: to make the law accessible and understandable for everyone! If there is anything we can help you with, Don't hesitate to contact us! We are happy to give you more than 100%.

"Even those who have no legal background should be able to use their rights to the fullest!"

Mijn naam is Shariva Main. Ik heb mijn de opleiding Notarieel recht afgerond aan de Radboud Universiteit. “Wie ben ik? Ik ben een gedreven persoon die altijd 100% gaat voor mijn doelen en ook een 110% voor uw doelen. Ik wil als jurist en aankomend advocaat leken helpen het recht beter te verstaan. Ook zij die geen juridisch achtergrond hebben, moeten hun rechten ten volle kunnen benutten. Ik wil de persoon zijn die jou daarbij helpt. In mijn omgeving merkte ik dat voor veel mensen juridische vraagstukken onduidelijk en gecompliceerd zijn. Mijn missie is dan ook om zo veel mogelijk mensen bij te staan en te helpen op welk gebied dan ook. Ik vind het heel leuk dat ik onderdeel ben van het team van Dependable om zo alle theorie die ik al die jaren op gedaan heb in de praktijk te kunnen brengen.
As a confidant, we are obliged to maintain confidentiality (everything you entrust to the legal representative remains secret). We do quality control and comply with the standards (laid down in the quality test Legal Aid) of the Dutch Bar Association.
All our Dependables are university educated and have at least three years of experience.
You are the center
The client is center. This means that we strive for high legal quality, but also speed, efficiency and keeping costs low for the client.
We are committed to developing strong, long-lasting relationships through good communication and honesty.

From the first consultation I trusted Davina, she took me into the options I had and advised me based on what suits me best. Davina is professional and also very easy going.


Under pressure from employers.

Warice B. was a little pressured by her supervisor. Warice B. had been ill for a while due to improper medication. The manager had cut off her sickness hours and replaced them with vacation hours. This is absolutely not allowed! In addition, he threatened to register her as not sick the following week. However, Warice B. was unable to work under any circumstances, this has even been confirmed by her doctor. When Warice B. contacted us, we took immediate action. By means of a letter we pointed out to the employer the rights and obligations of Warice B. The employer has now corrected everything.

Wrongful invoice.

Felix P had to pay almost 1500 euros to a gym. Felix P. had signed up for a monthly contract a few years ago. Felix P. had quit after 4 months and had not come to gym after that. The cancellation had somehow gone wrong. Felix P. continued to receive invoices but rightly did not pay them. When Felix P. saw that the outstanding amount had become so high and was about to be sent to a bailiff, he contacted Dependable. On behalf of Felix P. we requested a remission. Of course, this succeeded and Felix P. is debt-free now!

Finally succeeded!

Georgina B. has a 22-year-old son. She has been trying to get a residence permit for her son for almost three years, unfortunately, without success. She was hopeless and decided to contact Dependable. Dependable reviewed all her documents and advised Georgina B. in her best options. After we submitted an application for her son, the application was rejected again. Dependable then lodged an objected to the decision. Twelve weeks later, Georgina B. received good news. Her son now has a residence permit and Georgina B. is happier than ever!