Private legal aid subscription

€ 18,95
Unlimited help from Dependable's lawyers in large and small legal conflicts for a fixed monthly fee.

Private legal aid subscription

Do you ever need legal help? For example, because you have a conflict over purchased goods, such as a new washing machine. Or because of a conflict with your employer regarding absenteeism? Then you are at the right address at Dependable!

With our legal aid subscription, experienced Dependable lawyers will help you to stand up for your rights. Fast, reliable and good.
You will not receive legal assistance if you report the conflict too late, or if the case has no reasonable chance of success. Also in the case of premeditation and pre-existing conflicts, you will not receive legal help. Specific exclusions also apply to some conflicts. You will find them in our terms and conditions.

What is included in the subscription?


24H service

Your case will be handled as soon as possible and within 1 working day you will receive information about the next steps. This way you know immediately where you stand!


Personal contact

There is always a Dependable available for you by phone, email or whatsapp.


Always up-to-date with recent legislation

Laws and regulations change regularly. As an entrepreneur, it is almost impossible to keep up with this. That is no longer necessary!


Personal lawyer

You always have only one point of contact. You can always call your lawyer with legal questions or if you just want to have a discussion.

Never want to worry about legal matters again?
Sign up for your private legal aid subscription now!